Return of Lantzalot

2013-07-24 00:18:25 by lantzalot

Well, It's been a while of inactivity, and in this time, I've been maturing alot, and practicing, mastering the art that we know as Flash Animation, well not exactly mastering, but I'm decent at it now. Maybe to the point I might make an Animation soon. Hopefully more than just your typical, run of the mill stick fight.

Soon will begin the legacy that is Lantzalot.


2010-06-10 19:19:26 by lantzalot


Quick Question on LSD.

2010-04-19 01:20:54 by lantzalot

What does it do? What happens? How long does it last? What does it feel like?

I was given two tablets by a friend, Is it generally safe like Weed? or is it dangerous like Cocaine?

New Flash

2008-10-19 21:25:54 by lantzalot

Loop involving stick figures needing to leave ng, check it out. as im typing this its under judgement, so it could be blammed or not.

Song In Audio portal, updated.

2008-10-19 02:38:10 by lantzalot /105804

Ita Called the Marching to Hell by The Hand of Hell (my band)

sorry no tabs yet, but it rocks!

Collab in the making.

2008-10-19 01:39:03 by lantzalot

Ive Been Practicing with a flash program for the past 2 year, and now i want to make a big collab. the theme is Killing Stick Figures

Make 2-4 clips of stick figures getting killed by superior flash creations or commiting suicide. i will be making clips as well.

make them flash 6 compatible, i want alot of people to get to see this.

PS its anti stick

My best poem ever

2008-10-18 01:18:24 by lantzalot

Jack and Jill Went Up the Hill to smoke some marijuana
Jack got high and dropped his fly
and Jill had a guy.

a plumber molested my dog it was mario

2007-11-14 19:43:48 by lantzalot

a plumber molested my dog yesterday, the plumbers name was mario, super mario

also i released a new song in the audio portal, plz listen to it