Collab in the making.

2008-10-19 01:39:03 by lantzalot

Ive Been Practicing with a flash program for the past 2 year, and now i want to make a big collab. the theme is Killing Stick Figures

Make 2-4 clips of stick figures getting killed by superior flash creations or commiting suicide. i will be making clips as well.

make them flash 6 compatible, i want alot of people to get to see this.

PS its anti stick


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2008-10-19 01:40:35

KStick figures have been waaaay overdone.

lantzalot responds:

Its Anti Stick!


2008-10-19 01:56:52

My bad, I didn't read where it said "superior flash creations". I thought it was just shitty stick figures fighting each other. The idea is allright.

lantzalot responds:

ok, good you actually though it was just stick figures killing each other? lol. no, its stick figures getting killed by stuff like pico, or madness figures, or even killed by a giant anvil, but not a crappy stick fight.